Sim Khan, Esq. is an attorney-turned menswear entrepreneur whose custom menswear business, Brimble & Clark has earned high praise from Details Magazine, the Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC and ABC News. His business has attracted a slew of celebrity clients including everyone from Vikings quarterback 'Kirk Cousins', Redskins tackle 'Trent Williams', 49ers receiver 'Pierre Garcon' and Washington Nationals Baseball World Series Champ 'Ryan Zimmerman' to movie-stars like 'Twilight’s' Kellan Lutz and 'Battlestar Gallactica’s' Jamie Bamber, along with recording artists like 'Diplo' and 'DJ Snake' among others.

"Being able to inform clients about what goes into a suit to make it look and feel incredible has been a pleasure. Every suit is a tool, and I've become passionate about helping each client find the suit that accomplishes everything they wanted and more."

"I love producing digital content for Brimble & Clark showcasing the authenticity and passion that the business is built on. Guiding clients through their Custom tailored experience and fashion journey is truly fulfilling and rewarding."

"Brimble and Clark opened my eyes to how interesting and “artistic” bespoke tailoring can be. I strive to make sure the production process runs efficiently and stress free for all, while upholding our vision, quality suits that fit perfectly. From starting in 2018 until now, I have seen our clientele and product range grow to incorporate new and fresh ideas, while still focusing on quality and the customer."